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  • Install products on-premises to maintain control and high security.
  • Deploy to the cloud to take advantage of cloud benefits while managing it on your own.
  • SaaS/Managed Service Offerings to be free from maintenance and enjoy on-demand scalability.


Our Products

Test Platform As a Service


Service Virtualization in Cloud

Increase speed to market of the development by offering virtual service before the actual service is ready to consume.


Edge Service in Cloud

Practice Canary Release/Parallel Change pattern with smart routing in the continuous delivery model.


Distributed Performance
Test as a Service

Load test the applications like how the real customers throw traffic from different.


Quality Test as a Service

Need a platform for Test Engineers to schedule and execute suite of test cases at scale with an AI-Powered test automation dashboard to track release readiness? Checkout QTAAS

Our Features

What Feature that we Provide

Service Virtualization Features

Simulate Mocked Responses for http Based API's / Services


Easy On board

Easily onboard a virtual service by adding an entry in the control plane with necessary canned http request & response


Robust Request Matchers

Robust request matching patterns, headers and cookies to route the request to appropriate stubs. A single request path can have multiple scenarios


Load test

Load test any service to establish SLO without worrying about dependent services SLO's. Cloud native autoscaling support for the virtual app


Mock or Route

Mock only, Route only or hybrid - Incase of failure response from dependent services, respond with mock​

Edge Service in Cloud

Blazingly fast software router to control traffic between client and service/s


Control Percentage of Traffic

Capability to route percentage of traffic between different revisions/versions of an API/Service. For example: 80% to Live and 20% to beta.


Dynamic Routing

Flexible request matching patterns, headers and cookies based routing to appropriate revisions of an API. Maintains the session affinity to a revision.



Capability to provide boundary security with API keys, white list and black list ip addresses to block requests based on configuration.



Capability to provide metrics of each services that are being routed to get the holistic view of application health.

Distributed Performance Test as a Service

Load test the applications like how the real customers throw traffic from different geographical regions.


Distributed Load Test in Cloud

Load test your applications & infrastructure with geographically dispersed loads. The platform is cloud native hence can be leveraged to create load generators and execute test from any public cloud infrastructures like google cloud, aws, azure or any on-prem private clouds.


Sophisticated management Plane

Beast offers easy to use control plane to schedule a test with various options:
i. choosing appropriate application and usecases via enterprise apps hooked up with existing performance scripts.
ii. run on-demand distributed load test with a jmeter scripts
iii. schedule on-demand distributed load test by feeding in a endpoint and HTTP methods.


Highly Configurable

Beast platform is a cloud native and scalable app by itself that can be deployed to run on any cloud infrastructures, provides capability to configure regions and machine types for load generators. The management and control plane is resilient and tracks progress of each steps in the load testing process.


Real-Time Monitoring

Track the progress of test results, Observe & monitor the performance results like success rates, errors, latency at the client side via realtime dashboards.

Quality Test as a Service

To support digital business at scale, QA must embrace an on-demand approach to quality assurance providing capability for Test Engineers to schedule and execute functional and regression suite of test cases that can also integrates seemlessely with CI Processes.


Platform to execute automated test cases

QTAAS offers a platform for Test Engineers to schedule and execute the tests authored in Gherkin-BDD or leverage existing test scripts written with test frameworks like TestNg, Junit. It supports BDD tools like Cucumber, Rest Assured and Karate.


Advanced management Plane

Elixir offers easy to use control plane to schedule the functional or regression suite of test with various options:
- Choose appropriate team, application and test suite, tests that is hooked up with existing test automation scripts from the source code repo.


Track Release Readiness

Analyzing defects and trends helps you make effective “go/no-go” decisions while reducing the risk to the business. QTaas can seemlessly integrate with bug tracking systems to create issues with failure information.


Test Automation Dashboard

Report and graph your quality execution process with QTAAS that has an integrated AI powered test automation Dashboard with report portal to centralize quality reporting so you can make real-time decisions based on application status across projects and QA initiatives